8 Tips for a Budget Vacation with the Family

It’s nice to be on vacation with family. Especially if this vacation can be economical in terms of budget. Cheap holidays are not just about finding cheap airline tickets and hotels. There are cheap vacation tips that you can apply during the holidays to help reduce costs while ensuring that your vacation and family stay comfortable and enjoyable.

When you want to visit a tourist spot, try to find out about the availability of online ticket sales. Especially for tickets to tourist attractions abroad, they often sell tickets at cheaper prices if you buy them online. Besides being more practical, this method can also be a way to avoid queues to buy tickets.

Visiting tourist attractions that are free of entry fees or free. There are many museums and playgrounds at home and abroad that you and your family can visit for free. Find out in advance which one is the most fun and appropriate for your little one’s age, Mom.

If the accommodation you choose has a kitchen, you can shop at your local supermarket and prepare your own food, at least for breakfast. You can also wash your own clothes so you can reduce laundry costs like if you have to do laundry at a hotel. By washing your clothes, you can also reduce the weight of your suitcase and avoid being overweight when flying.

Choose lodging that is close to tourist attractions. By applying these frugal vacation tips, you can reduce transportation costs to visit these tourist spots.

Choose the most economical mode of transportation while at your vacation destination. Usually the cheapest way is to use public transportation, such as trains or buses. But if you are traveling as a family, sometimes the cost of taking the train for the whole family can be more expensive than using an online taxi, if it is available in the city. Or if in Indonesia, renting a car can be a cheaper option than having to use taxis many times.

Avoid eating in touristy areas, as they are usually more expensive. Bringing snacks can also be an option to reduce the cost of snacks at tourist attractions, which are often more expensive.

Sending postcards in exchange for gifts. Carrying souvenirs in addition to requiring extra costs also takes up space and adds to the weight of the suitcase, at the risk of which you have to pay a fine if you get over weight when you want to get on an airplane. Given that the real purpose of souvenirs is to give souvenirs and share the joy of the holidays with those at home, sending postcards can be an equally meaningful option but doesn’t cost much.

How are you, aren’t the frugal vacation tips we provided above? Let’s make this vacation an interesting and exciting vacation, but it doesn’t cost a lot!